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Rinjani Trekking Guides Menu Samples

While you trek to Mount Rinjani National Park Lombok Island Indonesia, we serve you mostly Indonesia Food, You also can request what food you like us to serve, you need to email us in advance so we can prepare the food as your request. Please contact us for further information….

Morning Break (post 2)
– Banana Pancake With Honey
– Corn Flakes and Milk
– Fruits (Pineapple + Apple)
– Bottled Water, Milo, Coffee or Hot Tea

Lunch Break (post 3)
– Mix Vegetable soup
– Fried Chicken + Steam rice
– Vegetable Salad and Prawn Crackers
– Fruits (Pineapple and apple)
– Tea or Coffee

Afternoon Break (crater rim)
– Biscuit or Dry Cookies
– Fruits
– Tea or Coffee
– Coca Cola or Pocari Sweet

Dinner Break (senaru crater rim)
– Fried rice with chicken, Eggs, crackers, cucumber
– Omelet, Vegetable Salad
– Cap Cay
– Fruits
– Tea or Coffee or Hot Chocolate

Breakfast (senaru crater rim)
– Toast with scramble egg, cheese, butter ( or Banana or Pineapple Pancake ) and Corn Flakes with Milk
– Boiled eggs
– Fruit salads
– Tea or Coffee or Juice

Morning Break (lake)
– Cake and biscuits
– Fruits
– Bottled Water

Lunch Break (lake)
– Fried noodle special
– Omelet
– Fruits salad
– Tea or Coffee

Afternoon Break (crater rim 2)
– Fried Banana with honey
– Pineapples salad
– Tea or Coffee

Dinner Break (crater rim 2)
– Noodle, egg, vegetable soup
– Fish + Steam rice
– Fruit salad
– Tea or Coffee

Breakfast (crater rim 2)
– Banana Pancake with honey and Corn Flakes with milk
– Boiled eggs
– Fruits salad
– Tea or Coffee

Morning Break (crater rim 2)
– Dried cookies or biscuits
– Pineapple salad
– Tea or Coffee

Lunch Break (post 2)
– Cheese tomato jaffle
– Fried Potatoes (Chips) and steam rice
– Tea or Coffee.

For Day 04 and 05 will in combination or upon request